company where blockchain solves the real problem
IT-platform that provides full information on aircraft's technical condition protected from loss or forgery with blockchain.
Distributed ledger
Data immutability
Cryptographical signature
All changes to aircraft's history are copied on each platform user's computer. It means that data is not stored on one server what makes it highly protected from loss.
Information is recorded in the way that it is impossible to make any unauthorized retroactive records to aircraft history.
Blockchain cryptographical signature ensures high trust to signatory.
The problem
"Looking at our experiences with numerous lease-return projects, we always identify missing, incomplete or inaccurate documentation"

Bob Jones, a product marketing specialist for Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP)
"Components will need to be pulled and re-exchanged or repairs repeated, resulting in unplanned expense and delay within the lease-return process".

Andreas Stenger, project manager for digital business innovation at Lufthansa Technik
"There are literally millions of boxes of paper-based documents, which would circle the Earth 25 times if laid end to end"

John Maggiore, director of maintenance and leasing solutions for Boeing Digital Aviation
3rd prize-winning place at Swiss Legal Tech Hackathon 2017 with BlockchainAIR prototype
Zurich, Swirzerland
Our milestones
CEO BlockchainAIR: speaker at Aviation Show Dubai MENASA on BlockchainAIR benefits for aviation
Dubai, UAE
BlockchainAIR on Road shows in the Chamber of Commerce and Higher School of Economics
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Alpha-version: service for tracking LLP components of commercial aircrafts
Our partners
Founder | CEO
System engineer
Andrey Didenko
Gregory Ignatyev
Aviation lawyer. As airline legal counsel he supported international aircraft lease transactions from the largest global leasing companies.
2016 - founded 'EasyLaw' law firm.
Experienced in building sophisticated IT infrastructure: Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack and different clustered databases and storage.

Dmitry Namiot
Java development, J2EE systems, development of distributed systems, open interfaces in computer telephony.
266 academic papers, 4 books, 60 conference reports, 10 report's abstracts, 5 R&D, 2 awards, 4 memberships in the journals' editorial boards, 55 memberships in program committees, 75 theses, 5 educational courses.

Evgeny Ilyushin
20-years development of system and high volume web applications.

Deputy of the Ombudsman to the President of Russian Federation for intellectual property, blockchain lawyer

Artem Lebedev
15-years experience in court protection of intellectual rights and development of intellectual property legislation.
Head of fleet management team in 'Rossiya' airline
Andrey Novozhenov
10-years experience in receipt of civil and cargo aircrafts in AirBridge Cargo, Transaero and Rossiya airlines.
Aircraft financier in 'Aeroflot' airline
Maryana Khokonova
8-years experience in structuring of international aircraft finance transactions in Transaero and Aeroflot airlines.
+7 (495) 133 96 21
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